Thursday, 19 November 2009

A prayer to the wild at heart NOT locked up in cages

What can be more fulfilling than coming accross a bargain. Take exhibit A for example, a gorgeous little Moroccan-style mystic lantern which can house a tea light, and cost me a grand total of £5, from Wilkinsons.                         
This would make a good Xmas present for someone I reckon.

It looks really nice with my Stockholm dove perched on the brass candelabra I picked up for a fiver from a guy who was emptying a victorian basement and taking it to the skip. It looks like an empty birdcage *which is exactly how cages should remain*
                                                                                                             And it gives good shadow as well, check out the picture below - in which you can see the candelabra shadow projecting on the wall, with the bird perched on it - as well, as one of my all time favourite books which I keep on display on one of my bars. 
One of the best things about this  little opuscule blog is that the author of this very  book, a certain Diana Mclellan , got in touch with me and ever since then, we have lovely weekly email banter.

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