Thursday, 22 October 2009

Goodmorning ,Miss Dove

I am back in Blighty, and one of the first things I did when I got home was take the beautiful faux dove I purchased at SPITI in Stockholm out of its packaging and adjust the claw wire around my finger – like a gothic Cinderella in need of a fantasy fix, as opposed to a reality check.

Just look at it: totally divine, soft to the touch and fairy-tale like. A very enchanting piece indeed. And a total bargain at 95 kronor (£8.60). For the record, it’s not a taxidermy dove, just a really well crafted copy, complete with ostrich feathers, glitter and claws.

I think I am going to collect some long branches from the forest floor, spray paint them white and taint the tips of the branches in slate grey or black, and perch this bird of paradise on it, as a centrepiece.

Or I might do what I did with this fox skull I found whilst walking in the Wiltshire countryside – and attach it to this vintage hat I purchased at the Crystal Palace Market. This hat is pretty mad, and I love the hat box too, which my dear mother purchased for me at a car boot sale ages ago.

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