Tuesday, 17 November 2009

USA online bag shopping

Now - I am not much of a bag girl, in fact, unless it is a clutch for the evening, I try not to carry bags around. Today, I spent the whole day fleeting around town without a bag and it was so liberating.

However,  I do like a good clutch, and have had my eye on a this 1970's  German magazine clutch for some time now - and I reckon I should just purchase it. It costs something like $100 from a US vintage website.

The magazine clutch is a very 1970's phenomenon - which has recently been emulated by non-other than  Jimmy Choo. Check out the Choo version on the left . Not bad at all  but will cost at least  three times more than the vintage one, so I will pass on this one.

Another great evening clutch is this baby from Shanghai Tang called the Bauhaus Silk Clutch and retailing at $345. Which is not TOOOO bad considering.
Really love the art deco lines mixed in with the 70's colour schemes

But if your looking for truly wacky arm candy, you need to go back to the 1970's and nothing really beats this one really -  I mean this is the ultimate in spy wear. Nobody  is gonna want to get in your way if you go around town with this bag. It is called the retro vintage Dallas phone bag and dates from the 1970s and costs $300. The handle is like a phone.

But if the idea of going around town carrying a hotline to David Lynch sounds too fishy for you- there is always the Newell crawfish trap handbag. That's right, a 1970's replica of a crawfishtrap which was  used in the Florida Key's. This baby trapper will set you back $100, and comes fully lined, with two handles. I am finding it hard to see  it as a bag, it does not look very practical, more like a picnic basquet - but I am sure it is actually quite small, so could look cool. Anway 


  1. I love that Telephone bag - where is it from?

  2. Wow its such a beautiful retro vintage Dallas phone bag. Its color pattern, design. Its not more expensive and you have given very nicely describe history of this retro vintage Dallas phone bag.


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