Friday, 20 November 2009

Lessons in how to wear black from the wife of a preacher man

This look is what they would refer to in fashion circles as fierce  - a term which is probably the most overused fashion word of 2009. I would call it an evil glamour look.

If you are bored and want to read my short essay on what constitutes Evil Glamour - follow this link
or you can check out the user-friendly EVIL GLAMOUR barometer below.

Anyway, although I don't digg the boots she chose  - she could have gone for the Alaia Chamois Boots below, I do love that jacket, her fringe and the fact that she is a Singaporean singer called Sun Ho.

Ho is married to Reverend Kong Hee. Ladies and Gentleman,surely this must be the most stylish wife of a Reverend ever. 

Surely it can’t mean.....
What it might allude to ....
An iconic train journey through a snow-covered paysage which ends in disaster, torture and the Russian mafia going medieval on you (see film Trans-Siberian)
Boarding the Orient Express at Venice to meet your lover in England, for some afternoon delight and afternoon tea.
The whole glamour-babe-holding-a-series-of-guns video market
13 minute black-and-white erotic movie with Havana as a backdrop and the female lead smoking a cohiba in the opening sequence
Tights with a seam to make them look like seamed stockings on a Monday morning
Fully-fashioned seamed stockings with a Cuban heel brought to you by a cute American soldier during war time rations - worn on a Wednesday
Crotchless panties or body stockings worn any day
A beautifully tattooed nude body - any day
A designer copy high-street evening dress made from child-labour or exploitation of workers
A Chanel Haute-Couture couturier who pricks her finger once with her needle after hours of sowing the garment by hand
Conflict diamond jewellery
The cursed Blue Diamond
The Dahlia murder case – because although she looked real glam, the whole thing was too unsavoury (see Sam Kiley’s Unsolved Murders documentary)
Death on the Nile film and it’s stellar cast
A wasp getting into your champagne at a glam summer party held on someone’s estate
A scorpion crawling out of your Louboutin’s, which you left lying around in your riad in the North-African desert
Bad cleavage displays
The cleavage displayed by the actresses in the 1950’s film, The Zaragosa Manuscipt


  1. I think this must be the hottest reverends wife i have ever seen! A superbly chique hair style compliments a tour de force of an oufit in noir.

    Another fantastic article Tallulah

  2. Thanks gorgeous - Please drop by often, it just aint the same without ya

  3. And she is a pop singer not gospel.

    Her body is gorgeous. Just goes to show, those revs got taste as well as soul.

    Preach on Kong.


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