Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Q Awards

Yesterday, yours truly was at the Q Awards....  an industry music event full of record weasels, iconic bands, living legends, hangers on (oh yes, you know who you are) and "people in the industry."

Walking down the red carpet was not as daunting as expected, although I did set off some flashes... they were probably testing their flash.

So, now for the gossip:
1. Sioux Sioux was THE star of the show....... she rocked that leather catsuit like nobody else, looked amazing, and created the biggest stur when she went out for a cigarette. It made my day to be moments away from her.. I love the BANSHEES. She spent the afternoon tied to the hip of Pam Hogg and disappearing together to the press room.

They looked hot ... both at half a decade old, they were the coolest and most sincere and more rock n roll then the whole room put together.

2. Ed Sheeran - won breakthrough artist and was much feted after. I hang out with one his mates at the after show party. He is ginger in real life.

3. U2 and Bono look exactly as you think they look

4. Jess J looked good in the flesh - bumped into her adjusting her outfit in the ladies.

5. Tiny Tempah is er.. tiny

6. Muse should have won the best act in the world - not coldplay. Chris Martin was annoyingly confident.

7.No,I did not get to shag Anthony Kiedis from Chilli Peppers

There was one girl sitting at the table next to me, who looked FANTASTIC. She was blond, wore a fabulous black dress, teamed with costume jewellery, spiked louboutins ect ect ... she looked really good

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