Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Party of the Year

Julian Assange's 40th Birthday Party, was quite an experience. Yes, London Girl was there..... mingling and bidding at the auction, back in the summer.

Highlight of the party included seeing Vivienne Westwood's let-them-cupcakes attitude to catering. Dressed in gorgeous post-apocalyptic flowiness, she proceeded to eat wikileaks -logo bearing cup cake after cup cake, whilst the rest of party tried hard to listen to the speeches and not look at her.

Very hard-- she was sitting alone at one point, just devouring, cup cake after cup cake with the kind of insouciance only she could carry off.   In a jodowsky-style graphic novel, Vivienne would be the Queen of The Damned and Righteous.

But what about Julian, I hear you say...... he is not what you would expect. Softly spoken and surprisingly timid. A tall and discretely imposing figure, he greeted guests under a tree, wearing a beige linen suit.

I liked him and his team.  He is surrounded by great people.

Although good old Bianca was there, and Jemima hair Khan, the highlight was hanging out with the anonymous hacking crew and the frontline activists... naming no names now....

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