Thursday, 1 March 2012

Back in Business

Things I have come to realise:

- Writing a letter to someone is thrilling
- It is easy to stop looking after one self when there is too much work pressure and too many deadlines
- Always check your bank balance, every 3 days at least
-  Hiring an accountant to do your tax return is the best decision ever
- Buying clothes in the similar colour, tone, especially when on holiday or on business, assures that you look pulled together
- Mr Unavailables know how to steal a girl's heart
- Weiring beige and caramel makes you look more chic
- People always notice other people's hands and nails - so a manicure goes a long way
- Always have a contract  when doing business as people will ALWAYS try to screw you over
- Having casual sex does not mean you are in a relationship

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