Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Autumn Stockings

I do love the onset of autumn, it spells fitted cashmere sweaters, wiggle skirts and, of course, seamed stockings. As regular readers know, I am a total sucker for fully fashioned silk Havana-heeled seamed stockings in Black/Nude. Quite a mouthful,  I know.  Cuban heel  stockings in a nude heel and black seam,are also a preferred favourite.

  • Pop socks are  the absolute devil's work
  • Tights are  only  tolerable  if they come in fishnet
  • Hold-ups are for amateurs ( I was already wearing them as a teenager)
  • As for socks, I am proud to say that I do not own a pair, and never will.
The only thing better than putting stockings taking them off, a la Catherine D' lish. I had the pleasure of seeing the burlesque legend taking hers off at a show, and it was quite something.

Anyway, here is the seasonal round up of the best places for stocking up on stockings!
What Katie Did - if your looking for authentic vintage and faux vintage styles and hard to find heel types - such as the Havana, pictured above and below. They also do great garters which really help keep the seam on the straight and narrow (even if you aren't).
 BeBaroque - produce a fabulous line of hand made  showgirl tights and occasionally pop out some stockings,  such as this tasseled Roxy Heart you can see below. Very Las Vegas, don't you think. Might get these for the hell of it.
Secrets in Lace - provide a good stream of classic stockings and new designs,with lots of choice. As the official sponsors of the London Burlesque Festival, they appear to be the leaders of the feather and rhinestone pack. However, for some reason, the models they use on their websites look really outdated and un-appealing.
 Dita Von Teese also has her own stocking collections available for purchase from  Secrets in Lace. I have yet  to try Dita's stocking collection, but I am sure they are near perfection. She is the world's most celebrated stockings wearer. after all .. and her used ones get snapped up by fans faster than you can sing:
You can pull all the stops out
Till they call the cops out
But If you wanna grind it
Wait till you refined it.
 Agent Provocateur - I like what they have done with their stockings collection. The quality of the silk stockings or the fully fashioned seamed stockings with a french point is more than adequate... in fact they would be perfect if they made them in a Cuban heel too. One of my favourite shops.

So there you have it ...... if you start going down the stocking route this autumn, there will be more than just leaves falling at your feet!


  1. Where do we meet so that I can follow you from a distance ?
    My kind of woman

  2. We have a number of luxury stocking ranges too Tallulah. We are at

    Thanks, Lucy.


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