Monday, 11 October 2010

Warwick Saint: Photographer

Most people have come to experience photographer Warwick Saint's work through his collaboration with Lady Gaga. But long before the tea cup yielding/parma ham wearing diva got her mitts on him,  Warwick  had already carved himself a reputation as an iconic image maestro.

Unlike uber photographer  David La Chapelle who creates fantastical images filled with crazy-arsed props and people, Warwick places huge emphasis on believability in his photographs, but not at the neglect of beauty.

"It’s got to be believable and it’s got to be beautiful,” he says.

Although Saint jokes that the key to being a good photographer is "to rock a shaved head", his incredible eye for beauty, detail and colour coupled with his talent for making people look extraordinarily beautiful, makes him one of the most popular photographers amongst models and actresses, who all crammer to get in front of his lens.

His swimsuit and sports illustrated photographs are particularly iconic, as is his Ink series of tattooed women.

Originally from South Africa, he left to come to London. In 1999, his break came courtesy of  Dutch magazine, which commissioned him to  shoot 'Elephant Boy.'

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