Thursday, 7 January 2010

Fully-Fashioned Seamed Stockings

Thank funk for the faux vintage lingerie shop What Katie Did, or how else would a girl  find fully-fashioned stockings with a Manhattan Heel in this city.
From today and for a limited time only, you can purchase all of their fully-fashioned stockings at half-price (£10), by following this LINK.

Fully fashioned stockings are becoming increasingly rare – only a handful of manufacturers worldwide now make them regularly. They are knitted flat and then the two sides are sewn together forming what is the seam – therefore the seam is an integral part of the stocking and not sewn on afterwards as is the case with more modern stockings.

Fully fahioned seamed stockings are the sexiest item of clothing a woman could wear – in my fully-fashioned opinion anyway, and if you don’t dig them, then you really should not be reading London Girl (Diana exempted of course).
There are only two factories in the UK that still make fully fashioned stockings. The machinery is extremely big, slow, heavy and temperamental which means that the remaining companies are making fully fashioned stockings for the love of them, certainly not for the money!

The Different Stocking Heels: A lesson

HAVANA HEEL: Foot Fetishers Dream 

I favour the Havana Heel over all others. Less common than Cuban and Point heels, Havana heeled fully fashioned stockings were made in the 1940s and 1950s. The Havana heel is slightly wider and lower than its sister version: the Cuban. The reinforcement under the foot is cut away to the minimum making the heel and foot detailing subtle yet alluring. Very sexy when you remove your shoes.
CUBAN HEEL: For all man kind to love you more
Dita Von Teese loves a good Cuban Heel, and so do I if there are no Havana Heels around.  The Cuban heel being defined by being much thinner and finishing higher up the calf than the Havana heel.

There's no particular meaning to each heel type although Cubans were certainly more common in the 1940s and early 1950s than points.

 POINT HEEL: For the traditionalists

Point (or French) heeled stockings are the most widely available. They were very popular in the 1950’s. Agent Provocateur stocks some fabulous silk stockings which only come in point heels, like the ones on the right which retail at £35 (I own about 5 pairs of these for some reason). Burlesque pin-up, Gypsy Wood favours the point heel over the Cuban.

And now for the very rare Manhattan Heeled stocking. Fancy outline heels have always been produced for evening wear although they were, and are, rarer than other heel types. Similar to the Cuban heel but with a slightly pointed top with an outline around the heel and underfoot. 

This fancy heel, which is currently on sale for £10,  is reminiscent of Empire State Building, hence the name “Manhattan.” I bagged myself a pair today.


The seam twists and curls up the back of the leg with sensual wording that spells out a tantalising message (Eat Me, Whip Me, Bite Me). Currently retailing at £35

And for the truly modern twist, Agent Provocateur have designed the "Whip Me" stocking.


  1. Tell u what - I wore the Havana heel the other day whilst in Paris, and it created a mini storm in a tea cu - people have so forgotten about seamed stockings that this bloke asked me if the line was a tattoo

  2. Manhattan heel stockings are my favorite. My wife wears them often. Hard to find in the US so we need to buy from the UK. Saw a pair of stockings with a Chrysler building outline on a website a while back. Would love to purchase for my wife. Would to see more women wear stockings.


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