Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Michele Lamy

Despite nearly two months of blog posting absentia, London Girl still managed to attract a high volume of traffic thanks to one person and one post I wrote back in January 2010, titled: Michele Lamy Rick Owens in which I go on and on about how fascinating this women is.

This women, is of course, the one and the only: Michele Lamy.
It was actually the director of Mark Fast who first alerted me to her existence when she recounted to me how she saw her make an entrance in a Parisian  Cafe during the Paris SS09 shows.

Yes, the emissary from the galactic universe of good taste, wife and muse of Rick Owens, and overall mythical figure from the fashion underworld,  seems to have attracted the attention from the fashion public a couple of weeks ago, thanks to an unforgettable entrance she made at one of the fashion shows in September.

And it all started when bloggers jak and jil posted these shots.... which the masses used to project all kinds of fashion fantasies and speculations.

Of course, the Owen's are too cool to  ever want to aspire to  become fashion fodder. This Mad Max power couple reportedly couldn't give a flying about celebrity endorsements, advertising in Vogue  or shitty perfume launches. 

I have always loved the fact that Michele doesn't seem too bothered with nail polish, preferring to ink her hands and nails into the desired colour. What a classy lady. This is of course very edgy in the fashion world, but very traditional in the tribal world, where henna stained tips are still used by women. 

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  1. she's my fave (and probably the only) female persona of current fashion scene.


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