Wednesday, 29 September 2010



Back in the summer,  a temporary magical city was set up in Blighty called Shangri-La. This city left a lasting impression on all those who dared to venture and experience it's full post-apocalyptic graphic novel world.

Think Blade Runner streets, shop windows "selling" all kinds of weird and wonderful things, a bar called FISH AND TITS and a nightclub called the SNAKEPIT, where  bouncers would only let you in if you had a tattoo. My kind of place, you know.

The natives of this city wondered around at the stroke of midnight looking like this:

Surreal street art gave the place a really weird and wonderful movie set feel. There was even an estate agency set up selling fake slums. Most amusing.

Here are some of the photographic highlights:
 Crazy street art - very much on the non-naive side.

           Shop windows selling dried up dreams and un-programmed memories

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