Friday, 22 January 2010

Michele Lamy Rick Owens

Rick Owen is my favourite designer . Wearing his clothes makes me happy, and I work hard so that I can afford more, like one of his Biker Jackets.  I love the earthy tones he uses, and the warrior undertone he gives to his garments.  Apparently his fashion shows are epic and also the hardest to get into. The Rick Owens show is not about who's famous derriere is on the front row or make-up and hair trends, its all about the fierce clothes.
Anyway, behind every great creative man, there is a muse feeding into his genius, and for Rick Owens, it comes courtesy of his fashion legend wife and collaborator, Michele Lamy.  This woman, who is known within certain circles for her "good taste",  has the kind of sense of style that  only an emissary from a futuristic parallel  landscape inhabited by holograms of SAPES (Society for the Advancement of People of Elegance) could possess. Lamy  has the look of an urban Inca Queen - but even that concept does not do her justice.   Her jewellery collection looks like its been handpicked from the British Museum secret archives.

Her hands are testimony to her pre and post apocalyptic vision. Tattooed fingers coupled with henna-blackened nails,  a heady mix of mountain-dwelling Berber queen, steam punk and prophetess from the Sacred Prostitutes of Babylon crew.  Not bad for someone who used to be a lawyer.

As is customory with legends, there are a number of  myths about her  floating around:  some people reckon she is 1600 years old,  and also a gypsy, arms dealer and a witch. She was a stripper at some point and a philosopher too. Those two last facts are actually true.

Michele is  French, although she used to live in LA for ages running a hot nightclub/restaurant called Les Deux. A friend of mine told me that whilst she was in Paris for the shows, sitting in a cafe, she saw Michele  walk into the cafe looking super stylish and cool. Turning heads and captivating the space with her incredible presence.

This is a picture of  her taking the Eurostar with her daughter, Scarlett Rouge.


I think that you will all join me in agreeing that she is fascinating and that someone should pen her biography.


  1. I'm so glad someone wrote a post on Michele Lamy! I, too, have loved Rick Owens for eons now (since his LA days), but I find Lamy very, very intriguing. Although it should be noted that Owens has been designing amazing clothes on his own, pre-Lamy, but I am grateful she seems to have brought him to the forefront, and interestingly, making Paris fashion interesting again (cue Gareth Pugh). They make a superb team...

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