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LBW: The Performers

NOTICE: Because I forgot to bring my camera, I was unable to take pictures, so I have sourced some pics from some of their past shows, which show them in similar costumes. No copyright infringement intended.

Dinah Might
                                   Photo Credit: Nick Von Fiction

“We were dazzled rabbits in the glare of her vivacity.” Roger Taylor, Queen.

 Photo credit:Nick Maan

Dinah Might from London, a popular pin up and fetish model, launched the evening's debauchery with a very enchanting red fan dance. Her gorgeous toned half-Finnish body adorned in rubies, and pasties to match, Dinah  has that fantastic cheesecake smile which is part pure filth part supermodel. Hard to explain, must be experience to be understood. Fantastic tits too, if you don't mind me saying. As they would say in France "Il y a du monde au balcon" which translates to "There are people on the balcony."

You can  watch Dinah performing  her fan dance routine at another show by clicking HERE
Siren Stiletto 

Siren Stiletto gave a fantastic rendition of diamonds are a girls best friends, which almost brought the house down with applause and cheers. Her facial expressions are so self-assured and  sexy, and the comical undertone of her performance makes her huge a crowd pleaser. And the discerning crowd loved this woman. And so did I.

Her outfit was also one of the best... a customised version of the Agent Provocateur Cendrillon Playsuit (£195) which  I had been  lusting over for some time now. She had it adorned with swarovski crystals, and it looked  sensational.  
Siren Stiletto exploded onto the Burlesque scene two years ago by winning the 2007 Tournament of Tease. Siren won the 2008 London Burlesque Festival Best Newcomer title. Thanks to her unique blend of glamour, humour, incredible costumes, and a inherent gift for entertaining, she is the toast of the town at the moment.
A’dora Derriere 

Antipodean deco goddess, A’dora Derriere also wore one of the best costumes of the night, an art deco inspired bejewelled body armour suit. Her billowing red satin sleeve dance  was superb and very classy. Just wish I had some pics to show you.

Adora is a founding member of Sugar Blue Burlesque,a performance troupe and burlesque academy known for its fusion of classic burlesque, authentic jazz age dance, elaborate vintage costumes and crowd pleasing theatricality. 


With so much tits and arse on show, it was important for me to gage from the males attending the event (outnumbered by the women by the way)  who they found really sexy. And most of uttered the word Melitta HoneyCup, a pink haired sauce pot from Barcelona, who has tattoos all over her perfect 24 year old body and a carny attitude to match. Melitta’s performance was a cross between burlesque and circus, which is a hard combination to get right because it's either too circusy or not circusy enough. Melitta had that perfect balance, and whilst she gracefully twirled on the tissue above people’s heads, carrying out dangerous and erotic moves to Lynch-like music, she was Nikita sex appeal personified. 

This girl did not need seamed stocking, she had letters tattooed on the length of the back of her thighs!

You can watch Melitta doing her thang at last year's Burlesque Week by clicking HERE.


Kiki Kaboom was another big crowd pleaser. Winner of Best Newcomer 2009 at the London Burlesque Festival, Kiki hit the stage like a true pro to shimmy her way through an original and very cute rendition of  a burlesque'n'gin version of Judy Garland, and it was  SPOT ON. Not only does she look like her, but she moved like her and mimed her singing and talking brilliantly. It was really entertaining. And the crowd lapped it up big time.

                     Kiki at the show on Sunday, before hitting the stage

Kiki has one of the best smiles ever.... a true Burlesque babe through and through. I had actually seen her peform at a friend's charity  gig about 3 years ago now, when she was kind of starting out.... so it was great to see her hit the big time like this.

I found these pics of her performance at another you have an idea of what her Judy Garland show was kinda like.

Q. If you could go back to any period in London's history when would it be? Kiki:   I'd be a Jacobean wench, immortalised forever by some witty, clever and amorous young writer in a bawdy song.

Full list of performers at the London Burlesque Week  closing night gala included below.

Captain Anchor *Edinburgh
Cici Darling *London
Dinah Might *London
Kiki Kaboom *London
Melitta Honeycup *Barcelona SPA
Velma Voluptuous *Stockholm SWE

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