Wednesday, 28 April 2010

LBW: The Audience

Who was there: Burlesque performers from all over Europe, the US and Australia, sexy couples, representatives from the steam punk and rockabilly subcultures, as well as VIPs (whatever that means these days).

What they drank: Everyone seemed to be on the Rose.

What they wore:  1950’s vintage look was very popular with the ladies, a cross between Mad Men and Marilyn Monroe. Also, many women went for the 1930’s look, complete with perfect era hair, jewellery and bias cut silk dresses.  Corsets were very popular as well, especially with the younger women.  I went for the 1940’s Black Dahlia look, black flower, Lana Turner hair and Maison Martin Margela gloves. Felt like I was wearing too much black though. Should have had some eyelash extensions ... everyone had fake eyelashes, and it really helps frame your eyes.

Shoes: Spotted a few Louboutins, some rhinestone heeled stripper shoes and some peep toe stilettos.

Hairstyle: Matched whatever era the outfit was based on. The hairstyles were immaculate – most burlesque performers know how to do their own hair you see. Luckily I learnt how to put together the 40’s hair look when I was touring with Burlesque performers a few years back.

Hosiery: So many stockings wearing dames here, it was heaven. Most popular heel type was the French point. The clean-up kitten Tallulah Tonic was wearing the Agent Provocateur Whip Me stockings (pictured on left). My beau had a serious crush on this woman. I think she was an AP model... GREAT!
There were some fishnets of course, not as many as you think though, and I spotted not one but two bebaroque saylor tights. Thank fuck I didn’t  wear mine.

I went for the Manhattan heel stocking – just in case you were wondering(pictured on right). Funny that WHAT KATIE DID call it the Manhattan Heel, whilst SECRETS IN LACE, refer to it as the Cabaret Heel.

Most beautiful women of the night: One Burlesque performer from Amsterdam who sat at the table across me... hate to gush, but she literally took my breath away with her 1940 Shanghai Opium Den look. She looked better then a Wong kar-wai film.

Most beautiful man of the night: Apart from my beau, I have to give a special shout to the Danny Dyer lookalike who worked at the downstairs bar. Oh, and a very dapper Chaz Royal who made this whole thing possible.

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