Wednesday, 28 April 2010

LBW: The Compere, Armitage Shanks

THE COMPERE: They either make or break the evening. 
"One of the darkest-hearted comperes on the burlesque circuit- not only a biting ringmaster but a unique singer as well".
Sunday night's compere, a certain Seattle-based Armitage Shanks, suitably lubricated the evening roll out with his evil honey gravel voice,  twisted jokes (“why was Jesus nailed to the cross? because he didn't the have a safe word." Then he said to the audience: "Don’t worry, I know I am going to hell already... just look at me”).

Armitage or David Crellin as he is also known as, is probaly the best compere I've seen.  Would love to hire him for my funeral or even wedding. He is that kind of compere. A true carny preacher at heart. Perfect for these apocalyptic times.

As the co-founder of Circus Contraption, his talents extend to  ringmaster, vocalist and writer.

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