Saturday, 6 March 2010

Tallulah Toronto

Spotted former model-of-the-moment Agyness Deyn walking down Church Street in Toronto last night. She didn't seem too happy/friendly about the fact that I  recognised her with my eyes

The only reason I was looking honey is because she reminded me of a New Zealand frenemy of mine.

She was sporting her trademark jet black hair and a bowler hat – and I must say, her jaw was huge, if that makes any sense.

A few years back, the band five O'clock heroes featured Agy's sutlry vocals in their song WHO, which I really liked.

Apparently she is in town promoting her new film, a 1930s-style 12 minute long film titled, Mean to Me, directed by Peter McGough.  In the short film, Agyness plays a spurned woman living with her older lover- sound familiar anyone.

I am staying in Church Street in Toronto at the moment, which is a really funky place known for its well established gay community and happy antics. I have NEVER seen so many gay men living their lives in one sprawling hood before.

They are so gorgeous - Really handsome and well groomed.

I have seen some real  diva gay men characters walking down the streets and in the cafes. They strut like John Travolta and wave at people in shops and bars, as they sashay down the street in their fashion conscious outfit. It must be seen to be enjoyed.

I walked into a manicure place today, and I saw two gay men getting a pedicure by a gay manicurist. 

In the shop next door, I bought cigarettes - after getting asked for ID (I am 30 for fuxk sake) and some other dude came in to purchase some poppers. mmm, I wonder what for?


  1. I live right near an area where all the gay nightclubs are, and the local pool is like a model lineup on a sunny day. All the boys sit along one side with the grassy area while the families and children splash about on the other. Hilarious!


  2. Oh really - u should take some snaps and show us -


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