Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My Oscars Story

Whilst at a TV station yesterday waiting to meet the producer, in walked in a super glamourous creature - this woman was really something: Tanned  & toned arms et legs, killer caged nude heals, pencil skirt and great highlights.
And 35 years-old as well.

But what really made this famous Canadian TV presenter Uber glamourous, was the fact that she had just flown in from reporting the Oscars and she was carrying bags and bags of gifts, including cupcakes which she shared with the pregnant receptionist.

Was she kinda loud when she yapped away on her phone? yes very, but then she was a tv presenter - but she looked great and gave good face.  I really wanted to take a picture for the blog, but because I was sitting with two of my clients and preparing them for their interviews, I just couldn't start snapping away at this women without them wondering if I was un-professional or mad.

This was the first year that I watched the Oscars live - which was really exciting.  Us in Blighty usually watch the Oscars after knowing who won.

There was some controversial aspects to this year's awards - what with the Avatar and Farrah Fawcett snub (no-one seems to think that snubbing Meryl Streep every year is crime), but for me, I was very disapointed that The Prophet, the best film of 2009, was not awarded best Foreign Film (it won best film at Cannes). The Oscars are a very political game indeed.

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