Friday, 19 March 2010

Old England

Every day I log onto this blog I hope for one thing only.... COMMENTS! They are the ultimate online gift.

Oh, how I dream of the day I log onto London Girl and spot comments from you - but until then I guess I just have to contend with knowing that someone, somewhere out there is hopefully being mildly entertained by my stream of consciousness.

A blogger without comments is like an Alice without a band, a mad hatter without a tea party, a rabbit without a hole. A wanker without a thumb.

There was a time  in my blog life when the great Diana Mclellan used to send daily comments to my inbox which made me rejoice upon receipt. But that phase has now passed and I am left with a big gaping rabbit hole. 
Receiving a comment from Diana was like receiving 5 million.

Anyway - as part of my investigative reporter series into the lives of the rich and famous, please feast  your eyes on  exhibit A: 

The  toilet bowl for guests visiting a member of a Royal Family. Indeed, London Girl had an intimate tea in the palace of a very high-profile member from a certain European Monarchy. Pot pourri is still going strong!

The palace was really amazing, like a stately home which felt really cosy. I really didn't want to leave. It was quite magical really, like another world.

It was hard to concentrate on what was being said to me because my eyes kept darting around to see what books where on the coffee table (Chinese art), what kind of ashtrays they had (squared porcelain), what the butlers looked like (they looked a like), the family pictures (silver framed, black and white) and most amazingly, the ART. Oh my, what a fabulous modern art collection.

And because I was visiting Royalty and there was no way anyone was going to catch me wearing flesh toned tights or knee socks anyway, I wore a new pair of Manhattan Heeled stockings under my trousers.

Because cameras were strictly forbidden, I was only able to take pictures of the guest toilets for this blog, because I figured that someone out there would be mildly interested. So here you have it again, the royal guest toilet bowl....Sam Kiley would be proud of me.

 What I found quite amusing was the fact that the toilet was stamped with OLD ENGLAND. The cheek!  Its like saying - hey, lets piss all over old England. I wonder if the British Royal Family has OLD FRANCE or NEW MONEY enscribed on their guest toilets - anyone out there know?


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  2. Apologies my lovely, not had a proper online session in a while as the kiddies have been exhibiting in town and there was a lot to organise. Of course I never want to reduce you into a wanker without a thumb (HA HA HA!) so I will continue with saying how bloody flash you are to wear such incredibly gorgeous stockings UNDERNEATH TROUSERS! Slightly bonkers but utterly divine;) x L.

  3. PS. The toilet?! Good call:-D


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