Saturday, 20 March 2010

My First Margiela

I had a fashion orgasm today, as I treated myself to a pair of Maison Martin Margiela elbow-length fingerless leather gloves whilst out wondering in Paris. 

The leather is so soft and buttery, that it’s positively  criminal.  Like a second skin, which molds to your every curve. We have all heard of sex on legs, but this is sex on arms.

These gloves have apparently sold out everywhere and this was the last pair in my size.  I remember spotting Carine Roitfeld sporting a pair and longing for them, and now they are mine by total fluke (I had no idea I was even in a Margiela shop because he is so fucking discreet).

This is a picture of Carine sporting them (the shop assistant told me that she loves wearing them - she also gave me a 15 euro discount, so only paid 195 EUROS)

During these recession times, there is nothing like purchasing something that will totally update your wardrobe, and Margiela has a certain myth about him. I am so proud of myself. I can slip on any jacket, roll up the sleaves et VOILA - An edge.
 Trademark Martin stitch - which he uses on all of his garments. Better than any logo.
And discreet packaging  - such a cool maison


  1. Wow.

    A fashion orgasm huh. Those are wild as hell.

  2. I love the ring, it's fabulous and the gloves are amazing.


  3. Blimey o Riley, you are one chic lady. x L.

  4. have same mm sleeves. indeed leather is superbe.


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