Thursday, 18 March 2010

Miss Golightly would approve!

A few weeks ago, whilst in deepest Den Slag, I mean Haaggue of course, I put up a picture of this lovely shop window, but totally forgot to show you the rest of the pics.

The Dutch are known for their speciality shops - if you have a retail niche, then this is the place to go. You can even find a shop that just sells toothbrushes.

BIBELOO in the Molenstraat district caters for the jewellery and antique trinkets kinda girl. Its also the place where all the fashion magazines come to borrow jewellery and props for their shoots.
The shop is located in a really nice part of town, and this particular street has everyting from an AMAZING Native American shop, to a Cuban cigar shop, and of course, BIBELOO (don't be put off by the name).

You can find all sorts here, from amber-tipped art deco cigarette holders, to cameos and rows upon rows of rings. 

The most incredible thing about this place is that it is such good value. 
For instance, I purchased these two Jade pendants on a gold plated setting for 5 EUROS each.   I found them in the "bargain box."

If you just had 10 euros to spend in this place, you would come out with a few gorgeous things people will keep asking you about when they see you wear them. Seriously. Holly Golightly would approve!

These are quite rare to find - a selection of reproduction Art Nouveau jewellery which are made at the same place where they used to produce the real thing at the time. They look a bit naff in this pic, but looked good in the metal.

Cameos galore - these are really lovely, and so cheap.... at only 35EUROS. I know someone in London who sells them for at least £100. That necklace is gorgeous.

And this was the delightful Victoriana section. There is something really edgy about dressing a doll in Victoriana-style black lace. This little red head is what I would like my god daughter to look like.

Molenstraat 24a
2513 BK, Den Haag

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