Sunday, 14 February 2010

True Love

Romance can spring up anywhere, even in a junk shop in deepest darkest Penge. And nothing compares to this gem of a postcard I purchased  from there: an enduring testimony of the true love,  two lovers had for each other during the art deco era.

The picture side reads: "Mille ardents baisers" which translates to                 "A thousand passionate kisses"

And on the other side it reads:
"21h30. A demain mon amour! A toi mes baisers les plus fous.  je t'aime de tout mon etre defiant a toi toujours. ton mari. Paulo"

"Which translates to "9h30pm. See you tomorrow my darling. For you I leave only my most passionate of kisses. I love you with all of my being and will be yours forever. Your husband, Paulo"

Such a beautiful message to leave  - and at 21h30 as well, how telling! One can only imagine the scene.... did he leave in the night, as she slept  in the Balinese Opium Bed of the hotel room, tired of the afternoon delight session they had had? Or was she in the shower, washing away the droplets of sultry sweat? 
Who knows -  all I can say is that this note really gets the imagination going and is full of romance. Let their  love be the flag for my replica frigade!

And to think this french postcard from the 30's ended up in Penge all these decades later. Very enchanting indeed.

Vive L' Amour, my British chums!

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