Friday, 19 February 2010

Creme de la Mer FACIAL

When my skin is looking dehydrated and very ordinary, then I know that there is only one thing to do: head down to the only Creme de La Mer salon in the world, (thankfully located at the Urban Retreat in Harrods) and treat myself to a 1hour 10 minutes worth of  Creme de La Mer facial. 

Apart from being one of the best beauty brands out there (and one of the most expensive), the great thing about this particular facial is that the air in the room is iodinised, which means that you are breathing in sea air whilst you are in there. The treatment is also performed under chakra balancing lights.

After an initial consultation, the therapist gently cleansed and refined my skin with a combination of sea quartz and pure diamond dust. Then, she performed an incredibly intense massage around the eye area, using this crème de la mer specially developed spoon.
Then I am not quite sure what happened next, as I was so relaxed. I remember having my hand and arms massaged as my face mask was penetrating my skin (was it a slathering of their famous miracle broth? Who knows).


POST-FACIAL, my skin was GLOWING. Soft, hydrated and plumped up and my pores were minimised, which was perfect timing as I bumped into an ex boyfriend later on in the evening in Ladbroke Grove. 
I asked if  the therapist could put some Creme de La Mer foundation on me before I left, which she kindly did – and this made my skin look even more flawless..... or should I say, like the therapist’s skin, which was out of this world. I manage to take a picture of her skin with my phone, without her realising.

Why do I rate this facial so much even though it costs me £90? Well, because it does not leave me with any red blotches or dry areas when I leave the salon, which means that I can hit the town or a party straight after. Although the facial does not involve extractions or intense steaming, it still manages to even out my complexion, cleanse my pores and make me look like a million dollars. 
Out on the street, I managed to draw some envious stares from bitchy women and some flirty stares from men... so you see, it does work!

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