Friday, 12 February 2010

Extreme PR activities Survival Kit!

As I mentioned two weeks ago or so, on Monday I shall be relocating to the Netherlands for 2 months as part of an exciting millennium-development goal related project I am overseeing. With Den Hague as a base, I will then tour some key European cities in March, as well as the US as part of the project. I will be expected to be on top of my game - with little sleep, clocking airmiles like there is no tomorrow, hardly any days off and lots and lots of pressure and face time allocation. 

So it’s just a question of getting through it alive really, whilst delivering the objectives and making sure that my face does not betray how tired I actually feel! Then, when I am back, I will rent a villa in Essouira, carve some nice waves down at the beach with my board, and take the Thalgo OCEANE 20 day regenerating cure, which consists of drinking vials full of minerals and vitamins to help replenish the body.

This is a quick picture I took of my packing table -this,my dear friends is the tip of the iceberg. I am dreading the editing phase, as I am only allowed 23kg and I will be away for 2 months!

So here is my survival kit for extreme PR activities - which will help me ensure that I remain stress-free, calm, rested and healthy:

1.      JETZONE: Homeopathic tablets which you take every two hours, in order to make sure you can function as soon as you land. NEVER TAKE SLEEPING TABLETS ON PLANES.
2.       CALMAID: A mineral and vitamin-based supplement which  enhances and nurtures the nervous system’s  ability to deal with extra stress (mainly thanks to the inclusion of magnesium and B12). Usually take these 30 minutes before bed, whilst on tour, as it helps me to quieten the mind and not think about the millions of things I need to pre-empt the next day.
3.       OLBAS OIL: Perfect for when the sinuses are feeling a tad congested due to flying, an impending cold ect.
4.       JO MALONE LINEN SPRAY: Good to spray on pillows in the different hotel rooms, to give you a sense of being back at home in your own bed.
5.       EAR PLUGS: To not only help your ears adjust to cabin pressure change in their own time, but also to drown out that hideous airplane noise.
6.       Q10: The wonder supplement which helps your body store energy from food more efficiently. Good for when you are on the go and need your energy. (Check with ur doctor first).
7.       VITABIOTICS WELLWOMAN: Specifically designed to support the nutritional requirements of busy women, these effervescent tablets give a boost of energy, so perfect for that afternoon slump or early morning activities.
8.       THERANEEM ORGANIC NEEM OIL: An ayurvedic all-rounder which does everything from boost the immune system, stabilise blood sugar levels  to strengthen teeth and gums  to purify the liver. (check with your doctor first).
9.       THALGO SERENITY TEA:  A wonderful soothing blend which helps calm me  down. Also good to have at hand so that you can make the brew for someone who is stressing out over something.
1    THALGO  LIGHT LEGS INFUSION TEA: Relieves tired heavy legs and uncomfortable sensations, which can come with too much flying or just bad circulation. Encourages good circulation so I like to drink this during long-haul flights.
     CAUDALIE ELIXIR OF BEAUTY: I love this toner, with its gorgeous smell and energising qualities. The pocket sized version is perfect.   
     CREME DE LA MER: Need I explain? This is the BOMB when it comes to plumping up a tired complexion or soothing de-hydrated skin.

   Thalgo Micronised Marine Algae Sachets: natural algae powder with a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins. Relieves muscular fatigue, sluggish circulation, aids detoxification and rebalances metabolism.
FI   FIBRE SUPPLEMENT: To help nip any digestive problems in the bud - especially if you find yourself eating more white bread then usual. A must.
C   CLARINS EAU DYNAMISANTE DEODORANT: Because it smells lovely and is the best deodorant. This really works!  


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