Thursday, 28 January 2010

This n That

I had to take a client to the BBC in WhiteCity today for a media briefing, and you will never believe who I happened to sit right next to in the BBC canteen without realising...... why Ant & Dec! Ant is quite hot actually. Dec has a really cheeky laugh. They were really cute together. They both won best entertainment presenters of 2009.

Anyway, I wanted to get into the good books of my American client, so I pre-arranged for the journo to take  us around the BBC newsroom, after the interview.  The news gathering room was so immense,  it's hard to explain the amount of desks in this space, probably about 150 or more. It was a super busy newsroom, probably one of the busiest in the world, and yet the general sound level was really low, like if they had a human noise extractor fan set up in there or something. Had this been in Spain or Italy, it would have been a different story.

We were also taken to see where they broadcast BBC News 24, which I found super exciting, as we were behind the screen, where you can see all of those monitors in this photo. It felt iconic standing there for a few seconds.

As luck would have it and unbeknown to me, my American client was a huge Dr Who fan, and during  the mini BBC tour, she was able to pose for a picture near the original Dr Who transmission phone box thing -  which was in a secret spot within the building.

By the way - apparently the BBC is moving out of Bush House. What a shame. 

Then we had to go meet another journalist in a cafe, located in a nice part of town.  I was kind of dreading this meeting, as I knew that the cafe he'd selected was also a favourite hang-out for my uncle’s psycho ex girlfriend, who I have avoided running into for the past 3 years. I kept thinking that she would suddenly turn up and create this hugely embarrassing scene when she saw me, whilst I was with my client and the journo.  Apparently she is severely unhinged at the moment and coked-up to her brain and still wearing crazy arse hats, so any run in with her would have been a PR disaster.

Thankfuckfully, this did not happen, although I ran into my dad’s mates in this cafe –so my inkling that I was going to meet someone I knew really happened. By the way, that journo never turned up. When I called to ask where he was, he said "So sorry, I am in Kenya, can we re-schedule for tomorrow"

Anyway – I have received some life changing news today, as I have been offered to run a high-profile two month project from the Hague  so London Girl will be Hague Girl for a couple of weeks, and then Canada girl and other places..... Hope you can come with me for the ride, it should be fun spending two months out of London on a tour again.

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  1. Hey girl,

    Your life is certainly quite busy. Hague girl huh. My hubby was there one a very long time ago. Hope we will hear more about this high profile project.



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