Friday, 29 January 2010

Paris Haute Couture report

The Paris Haute Couture shows are on at the moment, and the beautiful-on-the-inside-too people have descended on the fashion capital to oggle and be oggled at, whilst feverishly trying to look younger, hipper and richer then the last time the fashion set met up.

Of course, the shows themselves are pure inspirational magic, and if you are lucky enough to get an invite or even better, get seated in the front row, then you can truly go to your Louis Vuitton up-holstered grave knowing that someone cared enough to stick a piece of paper with your name on a chair.

The documentary, Signe Chanel, has really endured me to the couture seamstresses. You can watch the whole documentary on you tube, in bits of 10 minutes - just click here and keep following the thread for the next chapter.

 Like with all sub-cultures, there are different fashion tribes which attend these elite shows:
  • The high-profile fashion editors (+glossy haired daughters) and journalists (Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, Emmanuel Alt, Suzy Menkes, Anna Piagi...
  • The couture buyers who arrived by private jet (the one true factor of a bona fide Jet Setter)
  • Royalty (The Monaco lot being the most coveted and Rock'n'Roll of all)
  • The Luxury Goods bosses (so LVMH reps and more)
  • The fashionista set/beautiful people – including the top models (Daria, Kate, Natalia...), photographers (Testino...), stylists (Rachel Zoe, Mike Jagger’s girlfriend..)
  • The entertainers, comprised of actresses (Beatrice Dalle, Catherine Deneuve..) singers and cool TV presenters (Alexa Chung fresh from being crowned best dressed woman of the decade) , one female DJ, and of course our very own emissary from the Golden Age, Dita Von Teese. 
Here are some pics from the past couple of days (taken from the skyshowbiz website)......
From left: Dita looking distinctively seasonal, and Tavi the 14-year-old blogger(more about her below) with Alexa Chung. These three chicas are the coolest out of the gang. 

 CAPTION: Very topical outfit - who said rap star spouses can't make a political statement, The legality of the Burqua is currently under discussion in France - do you think this is an act of defiance? has she had her wisdom tooth pulled out?What the fuck? is this a tribute to Grace Jones? 

Dude, That's My Seat
To this illustrious fashion formula now enters a new rising powerful element: The fashion blogger. Yes, high-profile fashion bloggers are being increasingly invited to not only cover these events but also sit in the front row. Whereas it would take a Vogue fashion editor years to claw her way from the mid-back to the front row, a cool 13-year-old blogger  can be invited to park up in front after blogging for a year or so.   
Never before has the fashion world taken in one so young to join their fast-paced set.  Tavi  is FABULOUS though – so deadpan and jaded for one so young – Love it. And her grey hair too (she is pictured above with Alexa).  More about this later though....., in the meantime click on TAVI to read her blog.

PICTURE CAPTION: Chanel show bouffant to end all bouffants, Some hot spanish actress looking very Dior New Look, and Dita. Yes Dita, we are not sure about this dominatrix outfit either, but hey, we still  love you.  I personally would have skipped adding the gestapo gloves and Pretty Woman boots. But Hey  - GREAT HAIR

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  1. I love the double-pouf Chanel hairdo, by the way - part Gary Oldman's
    Dracula, part Lady Gaga, part Manga. Yum.


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