Friday, 29 January 2010

The Moss Gloss Is Back

 Meanwhile, La Moss was in Paris to promote her new Longchamps collaboration brand range – and I was relieved to see that she looked fabulous.  

Poor Kate -   she got a real body dissection from the tabloids when pics of her on holiday in her bikini were met with headlines about how Moss had lost her Gloss. Some UK journos are obsessed with writing about how “her lifestyle has finally caught up with her,” but good old Kate, she always manages to prove them wrong by turning up looking fresh and young again. 

Apparently, this time she attended a 1 week retreat somewhere in the UK before hitting Paris. Prior to that, she was relaxing and tanning in Thailand (hopefully none of her friends texted her saying that her arse looked really saggy and everyone was talking about it).

Anyway, this is one model who should write a beauty book because no matter how many unflattering pics they post while she is on holiday, or how many candles she burns, she always manages to bounce back looking better then ever. And her legs look really fab, and she is 36. Good knees.

 I have heard that she likes to dip her entire gamine face in a sink filled with ice and cuccumber after a night out. Please do try this at home, and let me know if it works (my freezer is totally frosted over at the moment). 

A friend of a friend once told us how he struck up a conversation with her at a party and she told him "Sorry, I have too many friends, and I am not looking to make any more" - he was mortified.  

So Kate - ever the edgy one - rocked up to her launch with grey highlights. Oh, how avant guarde miss moss.  Which I suspect were meant to be blue/white highlights inspired from the Chanel Couture show.  

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