Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Andy Irons surfs onto the other side

Andy Irons  - the Hawaiian pro-surfer and three times world champion -has been found DEAD IN DALLAS. Cannot believe it - that is mental!!!! Such a great shame, such an amazing surfer

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner said the cause of death is pending due to completion of lab tests, which could take several weeks.

Andy took the SURFING  world by storm.  He will be remembered as the one guy in the world who could regularly beat Kelly Slater and his surfing in waves of consequence will live on forever. Just this year, Andy was one of five surfers to appear in surf movie, High Five. His part was last (given to the best performing surfer) and perfectly displayed his legendary backside tube riding skills and man-sized hacks

Andy was  the most competitive big-wave surfer of his generation. Surfing was in his DNA. His uncle Rick was a legendary figure in the sport in the 60s and his father, Phil, a surfer too. The fact that Andy's younger brother Bruce also took up the sport probably fuelled his competitive drive. "All he wants to do is win. It's why he exists. It's all he thinks about. Winning heats, winning contests, surf, surf, surf, heat, heat, heat, win, win, win," is how Bruce described his brother at the height of his career
He is survived by his wife, Lyndie(pictured below in a photo shoot together), who is expecting their first child in December.
Andy Irons, surfer, born 24 July 1978; died 2 November 2010

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