Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup: Horn Blowing

Everyone is talking about the excessive horn blowing at the moment. I love the World Cup, don't you. The opening show yesterday was really  great, I loved hearing the Malian musicians in particular. 

As I am typing, France is playing against Uruguay...... everyone looked really tense before the game.

There is extra pressure on the France team at the moment because of an underage prostitute scandal which gripped the french press two months ago. The particular minx in question is Zahia Dehar, a French-Algerian blond bombshell who became an underage high-class escort to the stars at the tender age of 16, when she realised "that men thought she was fit and that she should might as well charge them for it."

Her clients included non other than at least 3 members of the French football team - scarfaced Ribery, Karim Benzema & Sidney Govou. These footballers took quite a shining to the EURO2,000 a night temptress, and flew her for romantic romps to cultural pillars such  as Dubai and St Tropez, so that she could read Kafka to them whilst wearing a gstring and smoking a cigar. Ok that bit is a lie.. but the rest is true. 

A case of the team that fucks together, stays together! A case of why blow your own horn, when I can do it for you honey!

La Scandaleuse

The now 18 year old lady of the night  has got media savvy balls ... here is what she reportedly told the cops and the press:
 ‘I slept with the men, but I wasn’t truthful about my age."
‘I loved them all. They treated me with utter respect and should be left alone. They spoiled me, and looked after me. They were my men.’  

Who paid for those hideous tits... they look like footballs.

France was widely criticised last year for the way they qualified for the World Cup. Thierry Henry, the former Arsenal star, was alleged to have handled the ball which set up a goal against Ireland which secured the draw France needed to go to South Africa.

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