Sunday, 6 June 2010

What to wear at Glastonbury

The whole idea of "Festival Fashion/chic"only really took off in the last 7 years, at about the same time Kate Moss started getting snapped at Glasto looking like a noughties version of Anita Pallenberg/Marianne Faithfull.

It is customary now to be  treated to pictures of all manner of celebs wondering around the festival looking very in-Vogue, complete with glossy mames and designer wellies, not to mention hotpants and boots.  In response, high-street stores like Republic and ASOS have been running capsule festival chic collections for "fashion conscious" festival goers.

Some years are all about the wellies and knee-high socks, not to mention the proliferation of hot pants. I am sure this year won't be any different. But who wants to look like a wannabe Kate Moss at Glasto?   

It doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you have something which will keep you warm at night, dry during downpours, and cool during the hot weather i.e LAYERING. Keeping warm at night is my main concern in any case, so packing gloves, a scarf, waterproof jacket, and a hat. Hoodies are the best too.

Looking good during the day is easy, if you wear something you feel comfortable and sexy in, AND which accentuates  your best feature.

For me, the most versatile item to bring - which guarantees effortless transition from day to night when combined with layering - is the bona fide "Dangerous Liason" style corset. This is my favourite style of corset, as its way more vampy to have a straight line running along the cleavage, then a plunging one.

Style wise - I love the STEAM PUNK look - a cross between victoriana, Gothic, sci-fi and mad max.

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  1. Oh wow! Love the steam goth look, definitely want me some of that action. L x


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