Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Jagger Sisters: Did they save the best till last?

The Jagger sisters were born to be in the spotlight. The combination of Rock Legend dad and Model Mums  against a Studio 54 backdrop was always going to be a potent mixture of fame, glamour and good genes.

When I was growing up (1930's if you must know), the tabloids used to love writing stories about Jade Jagger's wild teenage antics. Then she disappeared to Ibiza, popped a few sprog and came back  as the original noughties boho-babe, with eternally sun-kissed locks and limbs. Jade was wearing Louboutins way before any of the young Hollywood set caught up.  


For a while, she was the queen of the London cool scene, and along with her twatty then  boyfriend (don't like him because he kicked me out of his party once for telling him that he looked fucked) they held court in their lofty apartments. 
I always admired Jade Jagger's style, and one must not  forget that she not only managed to snare Pharrell Williams at the height of his fame, but also managed to "wear him out" with her sexual appetite. Looking back, the NERD frontman said: "I'm a horndog, but Jade was hot to rock. And, man, could she rock. She wore me right out."

She also sent Kate Moss a customised Garrard necklace with the words SLAG encrusted in diamonds because the Croydon Belle slept with her then boyfriend.

Then, we were treated to Lizzie Jagger and her carefully planned out modelling career.
Mama Jagger took good care in cultivating an air of mystery around her model off-spring by telling journos that Lizzie didn't give out interviews.
It all seemed very promising until, in my opinion anyway, she was exposed for being a thick, marketing robot model by a journalist in one of the Sunday Papers, who mercilessly attacked her being crap basically. Interviews were not her forte I guess. 
Then there was the blow-job scandal (a security camera apparently filmed her going down on her bloke outside a nightclub, but Daddy Jagger  managed to stop the footage from ever getting out).

I remember seeing pics of Lizzie in the papers with her young sister, Georgia May, lurking in the background. Having been already  exposed to two Jagger offspring's and their high-profile  antics, we weren't really expecting much from the youngest, she had too much to live up to.

No one ever thought she would now grow up into this:

  Smoking Hot Cool Chick

Seen here modelling the Chanel Cruise Collection at St Tropez today, she looks like a cross between  Jane Birkin, Lara Stone, Lauren Hutton, Karen Mudler.....  I could go on and on.

At only 18, She is already a big-name model, having landed all sort of contracts and  even a Model of the Year Award.
Here is the AP report of today's Chanel report:
Chanel, known for its stark black and white elegance, went baba cool Tuesday with a 2010-2011 cruise collection steeped in the burnt ochre hippie chic of the 1970s. Barefoot models clutching minimalist sandals and sporting cropped tweed skirt suits layered over triangular bikini tops strutted their stuff along the port of Saint-Tropez, bathed in the golden rays of the setting sun. The audience of fashion insiders — almost uniformly outfitted in oversized shades and sipping chilled rose — took it all in from the port-side Senequier cafe.

Beaded hipster belts and foot adornments and Chanel's iconic chain-strap bags in patchwork completed the anything-goes looks. While some of the girls sported knee-high gladiator sandals in gold and copper lame, most of the girls had baby blue nail polish as their sole foot adornment.


  1. Enjoyed reading about Jade's gift necklace to Kate - that is fantastic; sort of makes me like Jade. Not sure what that says about me.

    A guy from Boston, US

  2. Ha ha ha! What a fitting word to use for Croydon! L. x


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