Friday, 14 May 2010

Bikini Body Blitz

Getting me to work out is like trying to take a picture of Madonna with bingo arms: Impossible.
And because there is only so much drinking 5 cups of green tea, exfoliating thighs with coffee beans and mad passionate sex can do for a girl's figure, I decided to purchase the Tracy Anderson Method Matt Workout. Bikini season is approaching.
I  can already feel what she kept referring to as "the accessory muscles" yelping at the pain they have been put through. Tomorrow of course, is another day, hence why I am taking homeopathic Arnica pills already.

For those of you not familiar with the concept of Tracy Anderson, she is the tone up tornado who gave Gwyneth Gloop her amazing legs and arms, and Shakira her body in that she-wolf video. She also trained Madonna, but they apparently fell out over incorporating ashtanga yoga into her work out.

So basically, I trust this women. The  Matt Workout  is very efficient because it incorporates ballet warm ups into  abs, legs, arms, butt workout. As an ex-dancer, I could already feel my muscles waking up again.
The arm workouts are really fantastic, and the leg, butt and ab workouts really kill, lots of repetition and leg lifts.The moves are fluid, so you definitely work a lot of large and small muscles

There is a lot of repetition, and I mean a lot, and Tracy is not so great at giving directions, so its best to watch the whole workout first. 
The running order goes something like: leg lifts with a chair, followed by standing ab work that is basically a free-form dance with little instruction, and then a number of arm exercises, first with no weights and then with virtually no weight. Next comes more leg work on the mat, a section of abs lying down and then a cool down. The moves are challenging!


  1. Yikes! You're a braver lady than I! x

  2. Since writing this post, I have been so happy with my results: ARMS are toned and defined, Calfs are looking much better and legs and butt looked more toned. I THOROUGHOY RECOMMEND this video - its the best


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