Friday, 16 April 2010

To Pout or not to Pout

Ever since I started watching Brigitte Bardot on the silver screen, I have longed for bee stung lips like hers. That pout is to die for... not as rubbery as Angelina’s or as pillowy as Scarlette’s,  Brigitte may be a fascist skank,  but she still is the undisputed “Princess of the Pout,” according to Time Magazine.

Pouting – not to be confused with the cod fish that goes under the same name -  is like breathing for most of the female population: an essential urban jungle survival tool.

Anyway, all this pouty prelude stuff was really to get to the London Girl Beauty Product of the Week, which  goes to the wonderful Dior Addict Lip Maximizer, a must for girls looking for a bit of plumping action. Not since Lancome’s Juicy Tube has a lip product captured my heart so much.

Packaging: Gorgeous collagen wand-style art deco tube... very glam.
Texture: Glides on even the driest lips, leaving a soft shiny delicate texture.
Stickiness: Won’t stick to your hair - might make his lips stick to yours.

Lip Plumping Action: Yes – perhaps a 20% actual volume increase, which feels and looks like 60% because of the lovely tingling, how beautiful your lips looks, the softness, and sheen.
Staying power: Not bad at all.
Kissable lips: Most definitely, you will have to beat them off with a lipstick!
Price: Expensive, at nearly £20. But worth it.

PROS: Great texture, perfect gliding, makes you feel like a Beckenham version of Brigitte
CONS: Nothing really, maybe the price

1.Exfoliate gently using the tip of a towel dipped in warmish water, and circle gently. I find the toothbrush and vaseline combo too harsh.

2. Use a lip pencil which matches the  natural colour of your lips, and gently contour the lips, paying special attention to the cupid bow. MAC's Spice liner, a favourite of Linda Evangelista, compliments most lip colours.
3. Get hold of your YSL Touche Eclat (what do you mean you don't have one!), and gently outline the corners of your mouth, to hid any small blemishes around the lip area. Also contour and blend the edges of the lower and upper lip to plump out further and create a smooth picture-perfect canvas.

4. Slick on some Dior Lip Maximiser, and enjoy the slight tingly feeling.

5. Dab some  BENEFIT High-Beam highlighter on your cupid bow, and the Philtral columns - these are vertical ridges above the lips that connect to the underside of the nose. WARNING: subtle and natural are the key words here, so you really have to put a little bit for it to go a long way.

Extra tip: Dabbing some lipgloss in the central part of your lips further enhances their full-ness.

Et voila! Lips even your hot dentist would like to kiss.


  1. Blimey are you working on commission?! I am usually bloody stingey when it comes to makeup but you've really tempted me with that plumper. Love it when gorgeous guys stick to my lips, bring it on! L. x

  2. Nah babe - aint working on commission. Got it from the duty free hun -- will let you know in posts if I am when it comes to beauty reviewsxxx


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