Monday, 12 April 2010

Ode to Spring

After spending the weekend in the countryside at a friend’s sprawling country home which featured a tipi tent and a lovely secret garden, I have come back fully springified!

I love big gardens which are full of little surprises..... like this carved wooden chair which was tucked away by the trees.
One must always look for signs of Spring, for the long cold winter is now over and needs to be shaken off!

The Guardian runs a Signs of Spring reader's photos competition each year, which you can access HERE.
In the meantime, here are some my signs-of-spring snapshots from the weekend.....
1. Biker gangs roaring through the countryside, like the tail of St Michael's dragon. The combination of Man, Machine and Leather is an ancient Spring tradition you see.
2. Bluebells start appearing -- it only takes one to know that more will be carpeting the place soon.By the end of March, Britain's most popular wildflower  will be dappling the woodland floor.
3. Clusters of the mysterious Ramson flowers,  which only sprout in ancient woodlands, come out to  look and be looked at! Many woodland plants flower early in the spring to make the most of the sunshine before the tree leaves block much of it out.
4.  You spot a small humanoid creature taking a nap on a magic mushroom.
5. Daffodils sprout around the tipi

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