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LBW: Who is Agent Lynch?

A special mention needs to go out to the deliciously British, emissary from the 60’s cool age:  Agent Lynch,  who talked the discerning audience through the Secrets in Lace Betty Page collection, which was enthusiastically modelled by some of the performers on Sunday night.

Lynch is a good sport...... when she told the audience about how blablabla was launched in the year she was born at the Burlesque Awards,,,, and then asked the audience what year they thought it was,,, someone heckled 1963... which made her burst into laughter.... it was actually 1984.

She did a terrific job hosting the mini-pin-up show for Secrets in Lace, so I just had to find out more about this Agent Lynch.

                                           "Agent Lynch will send jaws to the floor...." TIME OUT
Photo credit: Aurelia Thevenin

London-based babe Agent Lynch is very  hot... a cross between a bona-fide bond girl, Barbarella and Diana Rigg. Can it get any better? Since when has this combo existed and be allowed to go un-noticed by the masses. This country needs to be re-built using her retro-glamour DNA as a blueprint.

As an accomplished retro pin-up model and burlesque performer, as well as burlesque teacher, Agent Lynch is always flown somewhere exotic and glam to entertain the elite  and not so elite with her unique mix of minxy charm, British grace, cheeky wit and beauty... but who is this woman, and where can I buy one?
"Agent Lynch, the burlesque bombshell and pin-up and all round 60s aficiondo, has been a firm favourite of the Burlesque scene for the past 3 years. A circuit fixture in her native London she also performs regularly in Paris, Milan and accross Europe.  Famous for her inventive espionage, Barbarella and iconic 6os and 70s routines she has danced her way around Bollywood, been the first ever Burlesque dancer to perform in Bosnia at this years Sarajevo Film Festival and starred in music promos for bands such as Elbow, Tricky and The Enemy."
The Origin of WooMan: in her own words

 Agent Lynch in a homage to the iconic Lynch Tina painting  shot by fashion photographer Wendy Bevan
“Tina” the name of this an iconic picture is painted by my namesake and inspiration the painter J.H. Lynch during the early 1960s. I saw my first ever Lynch painting in a my favourite vintage shop growing up called Attica in Newcastle. And so my love affair with the Lynch girls began, even though I discovered them in my teens I only bought my first print 5 years ago ‘Autumn Leaves’ followed quickly by ‘Tina’
“Tina” captured my imagination and right then became the quintessential 1960s fantasy woman to me, more ‘Bond’ than a Bond girl. She is so perfect I wonder if she was a real person? Sadly the probably the only person who can truly tell me, the reclusive J.H. lynch, died in 1989 aged 78.

Babes with Guns 
She takes the expression “is that a gun in your pocket” to new levels, as an afficianado of replica guns and so on for her pin up shots and performances. As a glamourpuss, she needs to shoot her load like any  true Bond Girl, you know. This shot is just FAB, don't you think?
          Picture courtesy of Alan Keohane 'The Lotus Connection, with the little gun that caused a whole lotta palava
Our Agent Lynch is  favourite with magazines. Earlier this year she did this fab shoot for Jaime Perlman’s Test Magazine ( she’s the Art Director for Vogue) shot by Wendy Bevan  using a Polaroid camera

Marrakesh Mis-hap
Here are some great pics of her spy story shot on location in Marrakech with Alan Keohane. Do click HERE to read the blog story and see the rest of the pics..... most amusing.

Loving this girl right now.

Agent Lynch regularly holds her Burlesque classes at Last Days of Decadence in Shoreditch and the Cobden Club in Nottinghill. Click HERE for more details.

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