Friday, 26 March 2010

Model Citizen

I met up with a top film producer friend of mine tonight, in Spain, who invited me to go to the Cannes Film Festival for all the parties and champagne. That lovely thought is keeping me going right now.  

Also in today's edition of London Girl, a picture of a top model I met today .... she was so gorgeous. 

Aren't top models just so striking..... It’s quite incredible. It’s like you never tire of looking at them because they are so beautiful and perfect. A woman with a beautiful face is like looking at a sunset or sunrise – it evokes the same serene feeling.

A few years back I used to babysit the kids of a former top model..she was, and still is, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and she even took me to Miami once, where we stayed at the Delano hotel.  Before we went to Miami, she gave me loads of her clothes, some of which I still have today.
She took me shopping in Victoria Secret for a silk negligee, because she said that it drove men crazy (she was right). Everywhere she walked, she caused a commotion, as people stared at her beauty, height, elegance and killer legs. 

In Miami, she once wore this incredible Cavalli Chinese dress – you know the yellow/gold one from the ads - combined with Yves Saint Laurent black platform mules. I don’t recommend  that you stand next to a supermodel on the beach, in a bikini, because they tend to be really tall, bronzed, toned, own five billion bikinis......just do the maths really --- but if you’re lucky, they tend to not be very ample in the breast department, which makes you feel better if you've got good rack. That'a also the one thing they actually get envious about too. STrange hey.

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