Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Girl in THAT photograph

I cannot quite believe this, but I have just met Kim Phuc, the girl seen running in that terrible Vietnam War picture. Nearly 80% of her body was burnt, she told me.

I am quite overwhelmed byt this encounter with her, as like many of you, I have grown up quite marked by that picture. All I can say is that she is very gracious, very serene and very kind.


  1. Greetings Ms Keats,

    It is with a heavy heart that I once again set eyes upon this tragically emotive photograph from a past millenium.

    It must have been an awe inspiring experience for you to meet such an iconic figure. Little would she know that the picture of her agonising suffering would enbody the careless cruelty of conflict. Today she would have been relegated to 'collateral damage' and we would most probably never have seen this.

    and still the relentless war machine goes on....

    as always i follow your blog with great admiration

  2. Ah Roy Batty - so happy you dropped by, please bring your dove next time and let it loose on these pages.

    Indeed, that picture was so heart-wrenching and represents how vulnerable women and children are during wars. Even more vulnerable than usual.

    I hate the term collateral damage - and you are right that there is more control these days about these type of photographs coming out. The most iconic being the one of that Iraqui man standing on the box with his arms apart. That is the last terrible image of warfare that springs to my mind anyway.

    With these images, it gives you hope when you meet the person in them, and that is why meeting Kim was so incredible because out of that tragedy, was born an incredibly determined woman who campaigns on behalf of others through her foundation.

    She is always touring the world and meeting leaders - people are so fascinated by this woman.

    She was also the kindest women in the room and the least pretentious - Grace is an elusive quality which makes a home in the heart of people who's bodies have been used as battleground.

    Please keep coming by Roy, comments are like the biggest buzz for me right now.

  3. Wow, you are meeting some incredible people on your journeys. x L


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