Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tallulah vs Rodent

It was heading this way right, so I was not surprised....What with the freezing studio, nowhere to hang my designer fucking clothes, a shower room the size of my arse.. I could feel my soul fluttering away and losing my assemblage point.

But I guess I needed this  in order to appreciate the simple things all over again.

So as I walked into my godforsaken “apartment” today kindly supplied by my new employers, guess what I saw: A big fat Dutch rodent scattering across the room. Oh, the sheer horror. That image still traumatises me... I haven't seen a rat in years, and to see one so close in one’s room is just the pits of hell. I HATE everything about rodents.

My heart sank, I yelped and broke the zipper of  my Christopher Kane jacket, which I was in the process of unzipping whilst witnessing the little beast make a leap for a nook under the fridge. It actually leaped! Must be all the leftover PCP it eats.

I called the landlady and asked her if it was normal to have rodents in one’s home in Holland? 
A what?
A rat?
What's that?
Is it the Dutch year of the rat?
Vot you mean? 
A raaaaaattttt, you know, a raaaaaaaaaattttttttt, like a mouse but worse
AHH a Reeet, that is terrible. We will move you immediatly.
She was suitably mortified and had me relocated to a new place, which is much much better. 

That rodent kind of saved me, as it proved to be the perfect excuse for me to get relocated to a better, more "luxurious" studio without me entering into serious confrontation with my new employer.

It’s warm, cosy, has a mirror so I can actually see what I look like again, but it kind of pisses me off that she did not put me here in the first instance.

Although I like my new “Luxury” flat - I can’t wait to get out of Den Hague  now and go to the US next week.
Oh and my Fiancé is coming to see me next weekend, so we will go to the Dam and stay in a nice hotel, which should be really EXCITING.
View from new flat.. looks like Havana don't you think x


  1. Ha ha ha! It must of been hideous but it does make for a funny post. What a considerate rat! It was lucky to bump into you, when a rat got into our kitchen through the cat flap my mum literally bludgeoned it to death with a hammer- pretty horrific. L.

  2. Oh really - why are they just such horrible creatures, and why do the urban ones get so big and long. Hideous - my optical nerve still has a recording of it.


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