Monday, 25 January 2010

Sky Doll

I love comic books, or graphic novels as they are also known as, and have been working on mine for the past five years or so. That vampire book series TWILLIGHT is currently being rendered into a graphic novel at the moment by Korean artist Young Kim, by the way.

Anyway, there is one comic book out there which is like a benchmark for other comic book creators, and that is the SKY DOLL series. First published in 2000, by Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa,  SKY DOLL mixes religion, mass media, science-fiction with humour and “adult” undertones. It does so in a very European way - whatever that means, but if you read it, you could pinpoint the european graphic novel blueprint.  
It takes the piss out of the new age culture and rips into how religion continues to be used as a platform from which control of the masses can be perpetrated. 

As a Scotsman would say “its fuckin’ brilliant.”

The sexuality of the comic is another recurring motif. The erotic nature of the character designs and depiction of female bodies are generously represented. They are not shy, let's put it this way.

So far there are three volumes with a fourth in development. I own the first two and thoroughly recommend  the whole collection. Look out for the non-Marvel edition, as the latter airbrused the android nipples on the covers.

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