Monday, 25 January 2010

Ludic Art expo in Paris

If you happen to be in Paris, you must check out the  METAMORPHOSE exhbibition, which is taking place at the Gallerie Arludik, until Feb 14th.  This exhibition space is at the forefront of the Ludic Art movement - more of that later.

The line-up is brilliant and includes  the co-creator of  SKY DOLL, Barbara Canepa - A VERY TALENTED ARTIST.
Here are some images from the exhibition - as you can see it, looks really edgy, futuristic and nostalgic:

According to the spiel, "this is the  first Gallery dedicated to artists working behind the camera,  behind cinema, comics, video games masterpieces…"

I   really love this doll coffin thing, a collaboration between Virginie Ropars  and Barbara Canepa from SKY DOLL- its really twisted in an ornate way:

The Gallery spiel also says "Created in 2004 by Diane and Jean-Jacques Launier on Saint-louis Island in paris, the Arludik Gallery has been the first in the world to show original artwork coming from animated movies, movies, comics, mangas, video games in order to design a new artistic movement : the ludic art."

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