Thursday, 21 January 2010

Men's Guide to Paris Fashion

So here is my little guide for all the Men out there planning on hitting the City of Lights soon.

HAIR: French men, unlike the Brits, understand that hair does not have to be short. In Paris, they like to work with what they have and allow enough length to make it look good. Check out this cool dude who let me take his picture for the blog.

SHOES/BOOTS: There are three camps of French men:
those who wear really stylish shoes,
those who live in trainers (and rob people in them as well),
those who wear really shitty old-fashioned shoes even though they are young (even cute guys comit this faux-pas frequently in this city).

This is where us Londoners can come into our own. Diesel trainers are the perfect bridge between street and smart, or biker boots for that Johnny Depp look.

JEANS: Forget skinny or baggy jeans here unless you work as a photographer’s assistant.  Opt for dark grey, black or light blue denim, and avoid the ripped jean look unless you are a roadie for Johnny Holiday. The french like their corduroy by the way.

HATS: Slouchy beanies are good, or pork-pie hats. These seem to be the paris-staple for the cool guys. Check out this cool bloke I met last week.

CLOTHES:  Paris has always had a love affair with New York, and you can spot a few guys sporting the hip-hop stroke graffiti artist look or at least maybe an element of that look. For the rest, its about looking smart-casual, and avoiding any fashion victim connotations.  Jamie Hince and Jefferson Hack  is the type of style most young, hip Parisian men aspire to.

Photo below:taken from easy fashion blog

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  1. The guy in the grey looks hot - the one in the last pic looks like a bit of a try-hard knob


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