Saturday, 26 December 2009

South East London Fashionista Trail

Forget fashion buyers and off-duty models – when it comes to picking out a good selection of clothes you cannot beat a fashion stylist’s eye. So when you combine a cute little shop full of pre-loved designer garments (Missoni, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, MIU MIU, Diane Von Furstenberg ..)  and  high street classics  run by two glossy stylists, you know you’re on to a winning formula. 

Now add to this the fact that the garments are at recession-friendly prices and you have - Frankie and Lola, the Crystal Palace dress agency everyone is trying to keep a secret. Launched only 9 months ago, the shop already has a dedicated local following and will be selling items online by the end of January 2010.

Frankie and Lola also doubles up as a dress agency, which means that women can sell their pre-loved pieces in store for a 6 week period and receive 50% of the sale price.  They accept both designer and high-end high street brands (Reiss, Zara, Joseph..) that are no more than 2 years old and in perfect condition. It`s a great way to help edit your wardrobe, earn some cash in the New Year and make room for the new.

And unlike  many second-hand and vintage boutiques, hardly any of the garments they selected look dated or too associated with a particular trend. The focus is much more on providing classic, stylish and flattering items which can wax and wane with the trends.

Their Crystal Palace shop is very Notting Hill but with South East London prices. The decor is very boudoir-like, complete with a gorgeous chandelier, flattering dressing room lighting and a personal but not overbearing service from Francesca Franesi and Gail Rickard, the two lovely ladies who started up the business. Whilst browsing around in there today, I spotted an Audrey-Hepburn style black cocktail dress, as well as a gorgeous Mathew Williamson silk dress and even some Louboutins in a birdcage. I went for a versatile bronze coloured top for £18, which looks really futuristic because of the elasticised squared creasing.

If you’re wanting to treat yourself to something nice but can’t face the hideousness of the high street sales or even if your just looking for that perfect New Years Eve party dress, Frankie and Lola is the way to go.

Frankie and Lola
16 Westow Street,
London, SE19 3AH
Tel: 020 8771 7719

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