Monday, 21 December 2009

Letsbuyit announce winner of second best job in the world, a poxy website nobody has ever heard about until now, selects their International Shopping Consultant after a genius three-month long marketing campaign.

A very glossy looking 28 year-old Parisian called Florence was chosen from a virtual piranha pool of  10,000 applicants to win an incredible trip of a lifetime in which she will travel business class for an entire month to Paris, London, Tokyo, NY, Milan, Hong Kong and Berlin with a shopping budget of 10,000 squids to spend on whatever she likes, on top of her 5,000 squid salary. Wow – what a covetable prize, well done Missy!

All she will have to do in exchange is  write  about her every purchase on the Letsbuyit blog, which I won’t be following unless she reviews the current potency of the coke in NY, opium in Hong Kong, ketamine in London, MDMA in Paris and skunk in Berlin.

Bravo Florence

  "She is a dancer, an actress and is a passionate shopper and communicator." says Letsbuyit panel.

It is no surprise that the Letsbuyit panel has gone for Florence, because she actually looks like a consultant, which is a total bonus. She also does some very impressive moonwalking in one of the scenes from her video, which gave her an edge. To quote Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: she is the safest choice in an insane world for the team because she looks like she would get a first class upgrade anyway and probably won’t fuck up the “brand.”

Vive la Bourgeoisie!
The competition was extremely tough and saw some incredible videos being submitted from many corners across the world. Highlights included Garry Shopper’s incredible mock channel surfing video which  shockingly did not make it to the top 10, an entire African village dancing away for one applicant called Aelyssa, and a Canadian blogger called Tamy who produced a really fantastic self-promotional  video but did not make it to the top 5, which was quite bizarre really.
There was also a hot French chick who stripped down to her stockings and suspenders in a busy Beijing street who made it to the final 5 and a great Gok Wan style Indian man who equated  shopping  to sex.

If anything, I would also like to congratulate these applicants for producing such fantastic videos.

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