Monday, 16 November 2009

Belle De Jour identity revealed...

OMG:  Today the infamous, most famous of all anonymous bloggers, Belle De Jour, has come out and revealed her true identity after years of blogging about her life as a high-class sex worker. Belle de Jour is ....... Dr Brooke Magnanti, an obscure research scientist based in Bristol.

I knew she was well educated because of the way she wrote, but fuck me, a Scientist? Never saw that one coming.

For those of you not familiar with Belle - she is the witty London high-class sex worker who recounted her glamorous liaisons, grooming regime and shag experiences with policy makers and the like  in a blog called Belle De Jour (who’s name is taken directly from French classic film starring  Catherine Deneuve).

The blog became so successful, that book deals and even an entire  television series came running her way faster than you could take an orange out of a dead politician’s mouth.
But as she quite rightly said in response to why she has come out now– Life is not so fun when you can’t even attend your own book launch party.

Three cheers for Belle xxx

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