Friday, 23 October 2009

Storm in a B-cup or why Lady Grey gave me a Bone China


Drinking tea and coffee out of vintage bone china cups has become my new obsession for the past two weeks, since I bagged myself a three-piece set of 1930's cups & saucers + bowl from my local charity shop for 10p each!

I was first alerted to the potential rock'n'roll element of drinking tea out of bone china when I read an interview with
Patti Smith in French Elle - who mentioned that she loved the feeling of bone china on her lips (no pun intended), just like she loved the feeling of cashmere and silk on her skin.

If it's good enough for Patti Smith its good enough for us all, I say.

Recently, I came across a company called the
Utterly Sexy Cafe, an exquisite and utterly original catering company which not only provides beautifully prepared food with edible art, delicate flowers, and foliage (Hi Diana), butterflies and birds, twinkly lights, and beautiful floral ice bowls but who also provide a range of Vintage China (cups, saucers, plates...) for hire, to help you recreate the perfect glam tea party in your own home or as part of a lovely wedding or girl's night in.

It's an absolutely ingenious idea, don't you find? I am sure that the Primrose Hill Set must have these girls on speed-dial.

The pictures on their website are utterly gorgeous and very inspiring, and make me want to leave my bed and head to the charity shop to see what other china I can pick up - so that I can start building my own collection of mismatched mickmackcrockery for my upcoming Alice Not Quite in Wonderland But Peckham Ain't So Bad Tea Party, in which I will serve bemused guests Katherine Hepburn Brownies in a Swine-Flu free zone.

Even if I do amass my own bone china collection, I would still come to these girls for their petit fours and fairy cakes collection.

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