Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Azzedine Alaïa shoe sale


Utterly gorgeous Azzedine Alaïa chamois boots.

When I saw these pop up on an online sale yesterday, reduced to about £500 from £1000, I started a cheap campaign on my fiance involving guilt, blackmail and all sorts to get him to purchase them for me to prove his love for one last time. I explained that in my culture,
anything from Alaïa is a normal dowry for the bride-to-be.

He told me that I was being "off the fucking map."
He also told me in a text message that he was "trying to manage a complete clusterfuck at work and your boots saga is starting to wear me down. And for your info I think they look like sexy giant boots."

By giant boots he means boots which look like something a giant would wear in those illustrated fairy tales - the ones with the buckle. Hardly!

Anyway, they sold out it in my size and every size this morning, much to his relief and my disappointment.

50% off Azzedine Alaïa shoe sale is still on

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