Monday, 20 September 2010

FACIAL REVIEW: Ling Oxygen & Ultra Sound

Pre-Baku, I decided to head down to the exclusive Beauty Works West salon in Westbourne Grove for their famous Ling Oxygen and Ultra-Sound facial, a perfect blend of beauty and science.  At £125 for 80 minutes, its more expensive than a 60 minutes Creme de la Mer facial and just £20 cheaper then Bliss's iconic Triple Oxygen Facial.

So  I had high expectations, especially after having read the marketing blurb:
This amazing facial is designed by New York’s hottest facialist Ling Chan, combining ancient techniques with state-of-the-art formulations for optimal skin health and radiance…and those Park Avenue Princesses thought they were going to keep her as their little secret? Oops… Sorry girls! The facial includes skin analysis, exfoliation, steam cleansing and extractions. You will then be treated to a massage, followed by the ultimate Oxygen Plasma and ultra-sound treatment, and to top it all off, a bespoke herbal mask to heal any remaining imperfections. This really is the ultimate facial, which produces phenomenal results... You’ll still be glowing well into next month!
What they forgot to mention is that Ling is very keen on extractions, and her practitioners are even keener. Now, I don't mind extractions because they can do a lot to revive a complexion, but what I was subjected to during this facial was torture! I think that the therapist went over every single past, present and future pore and excavated it like some fossicker on an archeological mission.

My cries of pain, help, despair were met with an un-sympathetic " you really need this" - so I continued to succumb to the extraction process hanging on to the thought that I will come out of this looking like a Park Avenue Princess.

Did I fuck...... the post-facial mirror checking was frightening more like Croydon Park on a lunch break, as my face was left with red patches everywhere and raised bumps, but I was told that it would go down.

VERDICT: I am impressed with how clear my nose is and how some parts of my skin look totally blemish free, however, I have yet to experience the post-facial  blemish-free glow.

To be fair, they do warn that you shouldn't  get this facial before a big event or wedding, as it will take 3 days for the skin to heal and for an remaining impurities to come to the surface and flake off (they give you some sample size follow up lotions to apply at home).

Either my skin is the wrong barometer from which to judge this facial or too long was spent excavating it which made the experience very uncomfortable, see painful...

One thing is for sure, I won't be coming back. If I won't glowing, I will continue to head down to Creme de la Mer, and if I want major extractions I will continue to head to Bliss, which at least leaves enough time post extractions for the calming down period.

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