Thursday, 25 February 2010

I'll have that in every colour

I find it really interesting that the whole red-light human merchandise shopping thing the Netherlands is infamous for - has kind of permeated the collective unconscious of non-animated window displays. Take this picture for example, it is made to look like a red-light window. Would it surprise if I told you that it was the H&M window display. How bonkers is that!

Anyway, one thing I can gather from passing all of the lux shop windows on my way to work, is that the Dutch like the idea of choice. Its all about having the option to choose what colour you would like your item in. Take this pic for instance.
Very spring - I want them in every colour. 

This pattern is replicated in many of the shop windows. It’s all about having the anti-communist approach to colour choice.

Speaking of politics, the Dutch coalition government has collapsed. Totally forgot to mention this last week. Things are not looking good for the NETHERLANDS – my work colleagues are all saying that a right-wing government is on its way now. Like a proper right-wing one, not  a Disney version.

Speaking of work  - I am slowly working my way through the top ten things NOT TO DO in a Dutch office. I am trying to be as discreet as possible, but I always end up getting noticed around something I am doing.
I like the Dutch work and life balance. Did you know that staff can't stay late in the office? The security man comes and kicks everyone out at 6.15pm???? I was quite shocked. Its good though. Another good thing is that people don’t eat at their desks. They all go to the canteen, at the same time, and eat there. The canteen closes at 1.30, so you are forced to conform to this lunch time eating pattern. They also like to congregate around the coffee machine at around 10.00am each morning, and in the afternoon around 4.00pm. They also like to say Leker alot.

Most people ride bikes into work. There is something really wholesome about people on bikes. Its not like in London where they are associated with menacing hoodies or annoying amateur bikers who don’t know their highway code and annoy all the drivers.

The women particularly look really stylish on their bikes. I have a bike at my diposal but its really heavy, so I walk for an hour each day to get to work and then back, which has done my already perky behind (had to add that!) the WORLD of good.

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  1. Ha ha, nothing like a well earned bum perk! L.


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