Friday, 5 February 2010

Custom Shell-Suit Birkin Bag please

Unfortunately, Posh AKA Victoria Beckham cannot seem to put a bunion-ed foot right no matter how much she tries, the press will always slam her. I reckon the root of her malaise with the public/press is that:
a.she never smiles for the cameras; 
b.she does not have a good publicist. 

She got some respite when her new dress range was met with smiles from the fashion pack, but we all know that the collection has "Ello my name is Roland Mouret, but they stole my name" stitched all over it. 
When I first started this blog, I swore to never ever write anything about her or Jordan AKA Katie Price, because I don't want to be bitchy. If something is crap, then I just won't feature it basically.  But whilst walking home today I had a very silly thought that I needed  to share with you, which was inspired by this picture.

A few days ago, Posh’s appearance on Pop Idol drew grasps from the press for her unflattering choice of hairstyle, otherwise known as the “Croydon Facelift,” and in Northern Ireland as a Millie Facelift. Not to be confused with  “pram face” or the “Shoreditch Twat” or the "Brixton Beard",  this particular style of pulling one’s hair as far back as possible into a suitably greased bun or ponytail, is sported by many a young woman/girl in Blighty.

The hair style has been around for a few decades now, but it was only when pond-life investigative journos  actually allocated a name to the phenomena (and everyone instantly knew what they were talking about)  that people have really started using it.  Of course, the terms is highly derogatory as it insinuates that it’s the type of hairstyle that a young women from the lower social classes (Britain, classist? Are you mad?), particularly the Chav ( AKA Ned in Scotland, "Millie" in Northern Ireland) culture.

If Its Good Enough for an Egyptian Queen, then Its good  Enough for Me 
What people forget though is that the first person to sport the said Croydon Facelift, which went under a different name in those times, was Queen Nefertiti. That's right - just check out the pictures.

Finally, here is my silly thought, which I based on a crazy equation..... Posh loves a Birkin bag (or 30) and she likes the Croydon Facelift look – will David give her a custom-made Birkin bag made of shell suit for Valentines.
I know – really silly. Sorry.

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