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What Makes Men Sexy?

In our modern day society plagued with manipulative advertisement, so much has been written and said about what makes women sexy. The sexiness of men however still remains a bit of a mystery because we are not constantly bombarded with images of what the perfect male should look, smell or feel like.

The Alpha Male of history books remains an iconic figure of manhood, power and sex. From Alexander the Great to Che Guevara, history is full of stories of men who changed the course of history with the power of their charisma, magnetism and vision.

So what makes the 21st Century man sexy?
There are so many elements which come together to create a sexy male package ranging from a good sense of humour and emotional intelligence to bedroom technique and willingness to participate in life threatening situations (explorers, big wave surfers, war correspondents...).

But before we can touch on some of these elements, a man’s sexiness is usually assessed within the first few seconds of meeting him via the type of eye contact he gives you.

It’s in the Eyes
Engaging in eye contact is a very powerful tool, which happens naturally when two people are attracted to each other. When a man wants you and you want him back, the eye contact is explosive because we very rarely engage in direct eye contact in our day-to-day lives. Good initial, natural eye contact has the power to set the tone for the rest of your encounters.

It’s a universal language between men and women, and men are fantastic at it. They can make you feel wanted, special and gorgeous with the way they look at you and that is what makes them very sexy. When a man is attracted to you, his face opens up a bit, as if lit from within, which makes him look slightly vulnerable/romantic for about a fraction of a second, which can be very disarming. Sexiness is all about the eyes, particularly with men.

Eye contact aside, there are other equally traditional factors which come into play such as:

The way he smells......
A subtle clean fresh smell with a slight citrusy undertone is the most appealing type of cologne, as anything too strong or overpowering will keep women at bay, and the last thing you want is a gag reflex triggered by your scent as opposed to something more amorous.
Do not get sucked into the Lynx effect adverts. That smell is a turn off and best kept for teenagers who are finding their path. I once knew a one eyed sculptor who had the most gorgeous smelling hands, which was very sexy. Not sure how he achieved this, but his bathroom was stocked with good quality gentleman’s soap.

They way he wears a suit.......
The power of a beautifully cut suit can transform any man into a sex god for the day. There is something incredibly body enhancing about good tailoring, particularly with regards to the smooth line it creates around the shoulders, and the perfect cut of the trousers.
If you need any proof or inspiration, a quick trip in the Armani store will reveal how incredible all the attendants look in their perfect suits. In fact, there is one particular sales assistant in the Armani shop in Knightsbridge who is just sexiness personified.

The way he speaks to you and you alone...
There is something about the way Latin American men speak English which drives me a bit wild I have to say. Of course, not all of them, but I have come across a good handful of Argentinean men who spoke in the sexiest accent – same thing applies for some Spanish men. There is something about the accent combined with a husky self-confident voice, which makes them come across in a very appealing way. But if you do not come from these parts, sexiness is still conveyed through the voice and how you speak. I find that men slow down their speech slightly when they speak to a woman they are interested in, and this is very sexy.
When mutual intimacy is established, the scenario where a man is whispering in your ear things that cannot be printed here is very sexy. Also, if he speaks dirty in a language you cannot understand (in a relationship not just some random off the street), is a turn on if done correctly.

The way he shows you a good time in the bedroom.......
Out of everything, this really makes or breaks a man’s sexiness. Good technique, attentiveness, passion and dedication to the art of orgasm, are the key elements to a man’s sexiness. Oh, and lots of stamina.

The way he comes out of a shower with a towel wrapped around their waist...
Your man coming out of the shower, all clean and wet, is a very inviting sight indeed. A clean man is a sexy man.

Their Hot torso....
I find that surfers have the sexiest torsos, especially when the shoulders are beautifully sculpted. A bronzed torso is a very sexy sight indeed, and this particular body part really turns me on. However, not all men are gym devotees, and it would be a shame to exclude those who do not have a great torso on a matter of biology, because at the end of the day, hard torsos are great to look at, but when you put your head on them, they are too hard to get comfortable on! Irrespective of what torso a man has, the way he makes you feel safe and loved when you are in his arms is the true test of sexiness.

Their talent.....
When a man has an incredible talent, be it in music, art or business, this enhances his attractiveness tremendously. Talent is sexy – being good at what you, whatever it is – is sexy.

So I have briefly covered a few key elements relating to how a man looks at you, smells, dresses, speaks, as well as talent and cleanliness but I guess the most potent form of sexiness is a man who knows what a woman wants, which comes through experience, observation and instinct. When a man possesses this knowledge, he is guaranteed entry in the sex god realm


  1. I'm not so sure but I think here in my country Indonesia, the sexiness of a man is still seen from his physical body.. the one with muscles and six pack :D

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  2. I love the fact that a man chimed in.

    Yes Asian men are coming into there own. Formerly they were basically considered geeks but who says geeks can't be sexy. As for the physical side, some of them like these are downright hot.

    As for those with the latino/asian combination>>>>Steaming!!

  3. I agree Dee - Asian men are super hot and stylish too. Especially when they have gorgeous Tattoos as well. I also think some men in Asian countries have got great street style too. I dated a triad once, and he was very sexy.


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